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New York City Terror Attack Kills 8 And Injures 11 |3 Months Ago

During this time at 3 months ago: I was taking the bus to Durham College, Oshawa when the bus driver looked away as some college-aged people began smoking pot on board. These virtually children-typed adults had staged a robbery, targeting sober people whom live in the community and take this particular bus. The idea was to surprise them with the smell of marijuana and then accost them as they exit. The thief was seemingly unknown to the reckless teenagers whom have long since left the bus stop area as the group disembarks. As the targeted innocent leaves the bus, the thief waits until he turns the corner and walks out into the street. The target is dizzy and loses control of his or her bags and is robbed during the late evening time when there is less light in the street. This corner is a hot-bed of traffic and the commuters are a mix of college students, government workers and neighbourhood families. Check out Simcoe and Kingston Road, Oshawa. Good night.