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Global heroin flows from Asian points of origins


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This article is about why drug dealers pick certain profiles to mule heroin. There’s a certain vibe or frequency that can be stimulated by heroin which is similar to appearing in luxury labels or watching a terror attack.

Many people whom traffick victims are used to drugging them by injecting the drug via syringe into their blood stream and sometimes doing the drug themselves.

Many people whom deal with this criminal profile use HAZMAT strategies to keep clean and sterile. Being an addict is very different from being a human trafficking advocate because of the intent of the projection.

If you have been mistakenly drugged ensure to dispose of the needles in a safety point similar to a police station.

Sometimes if people like this vibe they tend to pay for fashion by selling heroin.


A Survey:

About Drugs from CAMH Centre for Addiction
and Mental Health : https://www.porticonetwork.ca/web/dpdp/students/about-drugs

1. How is this drug consumed?

2. What category of drug is this?

3. What parts of the body does this drug effect?

4. How could this drug affect one’s behaviour and long-term health?

5. What are the short-term risks associated with taking this drug?

6. What factors could change the way this drug interacts with the body?

7. What is the addiction risk of the drug you are researching (Low, moderate, high)

Film: Black Swan (2010) – IMDb

 A few facts on ecstasy and human trafficking:

  1. drugs are divided into three categories crack, meta amphetamines and barbiturates.
  2. drugs are called narcotics because they are substitutes for prescriptions like morphine, adrenaline or dope pain killers.
  3. drugs are sold on the street market because children are attracted to the colours or the glamour associated with sports, academics and fine arts communities.

Film: The Devil’s Double (2011) – IMDb

afrappacino.com   Human Trafficking is a global concern to the local community because:

  1. Your drug dealer submits his money to a bigger “bad guy” at the end of the day.
  2. Your drug dealer usually has ties to an affiliate gang whom has control over your person if you don’t pay him for drugs or protection.
  3. Your drug dealer may be more aware of international trade relations than you or your friends.

Many human trafficking victims are drugged before they are sold into sexual slavery or their bodies decomposed to reap organ transplants.


Kahwa Lebnanieh: Lebanese coffee

You can buy packages of vacuum-packed Lebanese coffee in Middle Eastern stores. It is available with or without cardamom added – it looks like a mini saucepan with a long handle. If you haven’t got one, use a small saucepan instead. This coffee should be served without milk, like an espresso.

Serves 2

2 heaped teaspoons ground coffee

a few cardamom seeds, ground (if not already added to the coffee)

sugar to taste (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a rakweh or small saucepan with scant 1/2 cup of water. Place over a medium heat and stir as you bring the mixture to the boil. Simmer, stirring all the time for 5 minutes.

Pour into two cups and serve. The coffee grounds will sink to the bottom of the cups.

Kahwa Arabieh

This coffee is made of the same mixture as the above recipe but there should be no sugar and more cardamom – the whole cardamom pod is used. The coffee is brewed in a large saucepan over a charcoal fire for three days, until the coffee grounds disappear. This makes it very intense and strong.

Kahwa Arabieh is presented on special occasions such as wedding parties and funerals. When it is ready it is poured into decorative coffeepots, which are then offered round with a tray of small cups for the guests. You take a cup of coffee and drink it and you are then offered a second. If you want one you hold your cup out, but if you don’t want any more you should shake your cup.

People also go out and sell coffee in the streets from the coffee pots like you see in the picture. Charcoal is put in the top of the pot, which burns to keep the coffee hot.

A pic of Lebanon famous for its coffee:

Wikipedia: Lebanon, officially known as the Lebanese Republic, is a sovereign state in Western Asia.

NEWSMIDDLE EAST 18 AUGUST 2016: Of war and coffee in Lebanon 

Ten years after the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, coffee vendors reflect on how decades of turmoil have affected their lives.

Beirut – A bored soldier, with his machinegun hanging from his shoulder, feeds bread to fat pigeons in Nejmeh Square in downtown Beirut, the Lebanese capital.

Not far from here, the Chabaro and Saab families, Beirut’s oldest working coffee roasters, once had a busy store – but today, few in the area can even remember their names. Beirut’s downtown has morphed into something of a ghost town, with flashy, high-priced shops and posh restaurants that often sit empty.

“But downtown was not always like this,” said Rajab Chabaro. From 1922 to 1975, his father and grandfather – with whom he shares a name – ran the downtown shop, which “was always packed with customers”.

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/06/war-coffee-lebanon-160626074655559.html: A number of shops in Lebanon closed or were relocated to other areas during times of conflict [Changiz M Varzi/Al Jazeera]

“Lebanon is a destination country for trafficked victims. Many come from Eastern Europe, including Moldova as confirmed by the research.” – United Nations

– Lebanon: UNODC launches report on trafficking 20 October 2008


German videoclips to Canada recognized in Nordic category to G12 Summit similar to Norway. mary-magdalene-church-jerusalem-e1445781011650

Saint Mary Magdalene Church in Jerusalem, Israel

Mind-blowing: here are all the terror attacks in 2016

Jerusalem to New York City: Deadly 2017 vehicular terror attacks

“Killa Cam”-Cam’Ron (YouTube)

Killa kam
Killa kam
Killa kam
Killa killa
Killa kam


[Verse 1]

With the goons I spy
Stay in tune with ma
She like damn
This the realest since kumbaya
Kumbyay killa kam my lord
Still the man with pants
Scrill fam oh boy
Bitches they want to neutor me
They want tutor me
The hooligan in hoolahands
Maneuvering is nothing new to me
Doggy I’m from the land of crime
Pan pan gram or dime
Not toes or mc
When I say hammertime
Beef I’m hammer mine
When I get my hands on nines
If I had on bammerline
Cordourys kam will shine
Canary burgundy
I call it lemon red
Yellow diamonds in my ear
Call em lemonheads
Lemonhead end up dead
Ice like Winnipeg
Gemstones Flintstones
You could say I’m friends with Fred
You want happy scrappy
I got pataki at me
Bitches say I’m tacky daddy
Range look like laffy taffy


Kill kam
Killa kam
Killa kam
Killa killa
Killa kam

[Verse 2]

I’m from where Nicky barns got rich as fuck
Rich and nay hit the kitchen they were pitching up
Rob base mase doug e fresh switched it up
I do both who am I to fuck tradition up
So I parked in a tow-away zone
Chrome I don’t care
I’ll call it throwaway homes
Welcome to Harlem
Where you welcome to problems
Off a furlo fella fellas get parkings
Canabuy banks
Stand out like puty tanks
Soon as the studie sings
That when the tudy sing
Bang bang came from that movie rang
Snap crack jewelry bling
Flat jack who he bring
Clack clack cooley ring
Bad rap cuties claim
Ascap put em in the river
I’m the sushi king
And I’m keep it fresh
Let the fish eat ya flesh
Yes sir please confess
Just say he’s the best


How dope is this
Teach you how to rope a chick
What you want
Coke or piff
I got it all smoke or sniff
And you know my drift
Used to figures doe and shit
You a roosted bitch
Just a roasted bitch
And I roast ya bitch
That how I usually am
Tell her and her groupie friends
Go get they coochie cleansed
We the moody Gucci Louie and pucci men
A skada Prada
The chopper it got the uzi lens
Bird’s eye view
The birds I knew
Flip birds
Birds gang
It was birds I flew
And word I flew
Or herb I grew
I would serve on stoops
Now it swerve in coupes




Atelier Chez Paris

160px-DSCAICAT_logo  blueiconlpr-stamp-logo 2

Cher Society:

The setting is an intimate gathering in Paris, France. We’re sitting in a dimly lit coffee house ready to chat about the War of Generation X: The Silent Terror of September 9/11.

It would be nice to get together and talk about what happens to everyday civilians on a daily basis. The United Nations say that human trafficking is an industry which is third to drugs and weapons trafficking. Most of my friends in the community have the power to speak out about human trafficking or sexual slavery. But I’ve never had a friend like you.

I’d like to invite you to a coffee house presentation of my book titled: “The Rise of The Modern Asylum” which is about unsolved homicides. In the presentation we’ll cover time share condominium and life style management for call centre workers. In the meantime, let’s battle Alzheimer’s disease together as we grow older. Thank you for supporting my research on human trafficking by subscribing to afrappacino.com.

From: El Gato Negro