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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in anthrax terror scare, white powder sent to royal couple! | 12 hours ago

Hello viewers, how are you? Can you believe this video. It could be a gag but I think this YouTuber went the extra mile to get us this information. Now about the video: Frankly I care about the Royals and I think it’s absolutely discriminatory that they get this particular “tried” terror attack. I mean it’s been done, why is this attack seemingly telling the rest of the world that the Royals aren’t deserving of something spectacular. May God have mercy on his soul. Jesus looks strongly at people who aren’t interested in a sense of community or are so desolate that they’ve lost faith in Yahweh and don’t think he or she is able to be included in feasting on this particular morsel. Meghan Markle is covering to my religion, Anglican Christianity, I wish her well and best for the couples’ future. God bless and good night.

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Terror Strikes At Florida School, 17 Kids Dead |2 days ago

The other day I went into the hospital to find a friendly woman who wanted to buy my eyeliner. I had it out as I usually keep it in my pocket for touch-ups. First she asked to borrow it but my big mouth launched into a lecture about safe make-up wearing skills. She was informed that sharing eyeliner is a no-no and is taboo by people who wear makeup because the eye ball puss is natural and mixes on to the eyeliner. Generally, so I told her, I share everything but my eyeliner … you know if we’re going out or something even if the girl is a complete stranger but she’s coming along. So we were room mates for about two weeks so that counts as associated for the time being and I am a make-up supporter for all so my heart grew about four times. I gave her my brand-new eyeliner because she was really disappointed. As she was leaving she tried to give me some shampoo in a little tub so I thought “okay this is a new level of pre-clubbing sharing that today I can use to make friends” and then … she told me she found the shampoo in the bathroom of the ER or emergency room! By the way, the shampoo was really sophisticated.

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Barcelona terror attack: Van drives into crowd | 5 months ago

The other day my mother told me to shut up in the middle of the entire room. We were sitting in on a 9-1-1 Communicator information session in order to see if this would be a viable career for me in the long run. The entire room went silent and then … like magic … in the elevator a guy from the group said hello to us and everything was better. A quick aside about the help in my building … they steal. They literally set up a method to walk into my home any time and steal what they wanted a la “Pretty Little Liars”. The police wrote a nice report for me in regards to a pair of contact lenses taken from my bathroom.

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Moccachino (Canada) half frappaccino half café mocha

A cappuccino would be nice-take me out of the cold-into a library or something

This blog post is about human trafficking as a local issue. Click on the word scan below and view an article from Toronto Life about what happens at the bus stop: scan When you see this article you will change your mind about how you view a cup of coffee and sitting at the library reading, researching and trawling.

Like, it’s so unfair that women like these guys had no way to express themselves so they got trafficked. If you really look at these personality types, they’re snowboarders. I mean, look at the way they’re dressed!