Terrorists Attack Army Camp In Jammu, Soldier Injured |1 Day Ago

I want to tell you something about the local Pickering mall. There are guys there working for the telecommunications company bullying (mainly women) people who do not use cell phones. There was a major sale at the store and they gave me a said free SIM card to get the account but what they did was bill me $65 on my credit to make some money because later they did not even follow up on the connection service. I would have paid the connection fee but because they told me the SIM card was a free gift I did not follow up and let it go because I did not want the cell phone anyway. Realistically I did get angry when I found out they silently charged me for the free gift and did not bother to follow up. Today when I see them laughing at the lone Mom without a way to call her family at home after a good sale I just look the other way.

New York City Terror Attack Kills 8 And Injures 11 |3 Months Ago

During this time at 3 months ago: I was taking the bus to Durham College, Oshawa when the bus driver looked away as some college-aged people began smoking pot on board. These virtually children-typed adults had staged a robbery, targeting sober people whom live in the community and take this particular bus. The idea was to surprise them with the smell of marijuana and then accost them as they exit. The thief was seemingly unknown to the reckless teenagers whom have long since left the bus stop area as the group disembarks. As the targeted innocent leaves the bus, the thief waits until he turns the corner and walks out into the street. The target is dizzy and loses control of his or her bags and is robbed during the late evening time when there is less light in the street. This corner is a hot-bed of traffic and the commuters are a mix of college students, government workers and neighbourhood families. Check out Simcoe and Kingston Road, Oshawa. Good night.

Moccachino (Canada) half frappaccino half café mocha

A cappuccino would be nice-take me out of the cold-into a library or something

This blog post is about human trafficking as a local issue. Click on the word scan below and view an article from Toronto Life about what happens at the bus stop: scan When you see this article you will change your mind about how you view a cup of coffee and sitting at the library reading, researching and trawling.

Like, it’s so unfair that women like these guys had no way to express themselves so they got trafficked. If you really look at these personality types, they’re snowboarders. I mean, look at the way they’re dressed!

Matcha Green Tea (Arghawan)

Matcha was brought to Japan from China by a Buddist monk named Eisai in 1100 AD. This type of tea was made to support the monks in their endeavours by keeping them alert, focused and also relaxed. Monks meditate for extended periods of time and the green tea is responsible for assisting them.

Uji, the Kyoto region of Japan is considered the mecca of Japanese Green Tea. It is the best producer of the famous Matcha in the world. Uji has renowned tea because of its climate, warm days and cool nights, its rolling hills and its rich soil. This environment produces high quality tea plants which in turn become high quality tea.

Matcha is made from the same tea plant as regular green tea however, it is cultivated differently to produce its unique flavour. The plant is grown under diffused sunlight for a month prior to their harvest. This increases their chlorophyll content, a natural chemical that creates its green colour and also detoxifies the body. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed, dried and then all the stems are removed. Next, the leaves are ground by stone into a fine powder. This is the final product, ready to be used by the consumer.

I picked up a Spanish foreign film from the library a few days ago. It stars Penelope Cruz, the 2011 face of Lancome. This 2006 film is titled “Volver” and has English subtitles. I have always liked Penelope and have watched several of her movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow, Banditas (which is not listed on IMDB but I have a copy and she is great alongside Salma Hayek!) and Vanilla Sky. Those are the movies she is best known for but, she has been in a great deal of others. “Volver” is one such movie that is not a box office best. It is an independent film, directed by Pedro Almodovar.

“Volver” features the lives of a family completely made of females. Penelope plays the lead character, the eldest sister, Raimunda. Raimunda is a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. She works hard at providing for her family and has an uncanny way of making the best out of situations. When her mother seemingly comes back from the dead, there is confusion and rumours from superstitious villagers. Which does not make her life any easier! It is a modern film in which the characters tangle with some pretty taboo subjects; infidelity, drugs, and even murder. Raimunda is strong and has a good sense on how to deal discretely with issues like these! I found the film funny, heartwarming, and full of emotion.

It is rare that I see any media featuring strong everyday women, having regular and frank conversations with each other. Volver is a gem that shines light on how strong women stick together and support each other, even in the face of public humiliation or dirty family laundry. I find it strongly empowering because the women are so powerful even with their trust in emotions and feelings. There is no romantic sub-plot either! This film is a definite serenity ritual, it reminds me to always keep family near. 🙂

The first and last serenity ritual I have in my day is a pot of green tea. I like the fact that the tea is organic and contains a slight amount of caffeine. The tea is soothing and has a distinct flavour that tastes fresh and light, its aroma is very pleasant. I like to drink green tea after yoga and before or during my daily email/twitter/blog check in the morning. And of course….at night I like the warm liquid to put me in sleepy mode and relax my senses after the days work.

The pot I use gives me around 3-4 cups of green tea, which lasts a good 15 minutes with me. The fluid intake is a good amount and I feel like I am doing good for my body. After all, my doctor tells me its beneficial to drink at least a gallon/3 litres of water a day and I feel this gets me a good amount of fluid into my blood stream. Water is essential to good digestion, without it the immune system would weaken and the body would not receive vital energy at the cellular level.

Green tea comes in different forms. The regular bag type, the powder matcha, the matcha paste and the loose leaf form. I like all of them and think each has their place on my shelf. Their usage depends on how much time I have to enjoy the different qualities of tea.

The matcha is the best form of green tea, it is used primarily in tea ceremonies which are prevalent in asian culture. The leaves of the plant are machine ground to a fine powder which is dissolved by whisk into hot water. It takes time and patience. The making of the matcha green tea has evolved into an art form in Japan. The tea ceremonies are elaborate and are primarily a custom for business relationships. Housewives in Japan also observe the tea ceremony. Sort of like tea time in England. An inexpensive and quick way to get matcha green tea is to use the paste, which can be found at a local market. The matcha paste is a quick way of achieving similar quality. Matcha is considered luxurious and has a matching price tag. About $6 for 50 grams.

As I live in the modern world of convenience, the loose leaf green tea or the regular bag does the job. Just add boiling water, simmer, and drink up! None of that time consuming whisking! I use the loose leaf green tea daily. If I plan to leave the house immediately, I tuck a tea bag into my purse. The delicate flavour of natural plant extracts is enough for a timely serenity ritual, no matter where in the world I am…

The key to good health is to treat your body with care, kindness and respect.

Ontario Carnegie Libraries from a Patron Saint

Ontario Carnegie Libraries from a Patron Saint

This article provides information on Andrew Carnegie and the library buildings he donated to Canadian communities in the early 1900’s. The reasons Carnegie invested in public libraries are discussed throughout the world. He was a very rich fellow at 30 years old. When he was near the retirement stage in his life he sold his steel company for over 480 million dollars. He felt that it was his responsibility (along with all the other mega-wealthy people) to donate money to good causes. This movement was called philanthropy. Andrew decided that he wanted to pass on the life’s lesson that education should be free. He ended up donating a fortune to different educational projects and specifically libraries which gave people a free education. In Canada, 125 libraries were donated by Mr. Carnegie: the “Patron Saint of Libraries (Krass 419).

Dealing with Scratched Spectacles

Dealing with Scratched Spectacles
This is the most important part of one’s glasses, especially if you’re wearing prescription ones. Obviously, a broken lens is a disaster. There is really nothing more to do other than to visit your optician for a replacement. Scratched lenses, on the other hand, are simple enough to repair if you know how. We’ve listed a couple of hacks recommended by professionals that you can try out the next time you need your glasses to become scratchless.
TOOTHPASTE: you may already have heard of this hack and some are mighty skeptical about it. Who wouldn’t be? Toothpaste?! Well, apparently, this hack works. First, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your glasses wit some eyeglasses cleaner and microfiber. Make sure that you remove any smudges on both sides of the lenses. Then put some non-abrasive toothpaste (not gel) on the scratches. Use a wool or cotton cloth to rub the toothpaste firmly onto the scratches in a circular motion for half a minute. Rinse with cold water and dry with the microfiber. You may have to repeat the process if the scratch is deep and hard to remove.
BAKING SODA: this hack is similar to the toothpaste. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda with water in a small cup until you get a thick paste. Buff the paste into the scratch with a cotton cloth using small, circular motions. Rinse with cold water once you’re done then dry them.
SCRATCH REMOVAL PRODUCTS: In the supermarket, you’ll find several products designed to get rid of scratches. While some of these will help you get rid of scratches, they are not suitable for glass lenses unless otherwise specified. These products usually removes scratches with the help of hydrofluoric acid which dissolves the coating on plastic lenses. One example is Armor Etch, a glass etching compound. This product cannot be used on glass lenses because it will damage it. For plastic ones, simply apply a thick coating of the Armor Etch on the lens (both sides) and let it sit there for 5 minutes. Don’t rub it into the lens. Rinse the compound off with water before patting it dry with microfiber.
CAR WAX: Some people have been successful in removing scratches on lenses by filling them in with regular vehicle cleaning wax. The scratches won’t really be gone; they’re just filled up temporarily with the car wax. To do this, simply rub some wax on each side of the lenses for a few minutes, as if you were polishing it. Wipe off the wax using a thin, soft cloth. No water needed. You’ll need to do this every week in order to maintain a “scratchless” lens. You can also use glass polish in the same way.
WINDSHIELD WATER REPELLANTS: These only work on superficial scratches or blemishes. You can apply some on the lens using a thin, soft cloth, rubbing it gently for a couple of seconds. As an added bonus, the repellant will stop your glasses from fogging up and prevent any dirt or moisture from sticking to your lens.
OPTICIAN: It must be said that using any of the above mentioned methods will require extra care from you. You’ll need to avoid rubbing the scratch off too much because it may change the curve of the lens, thereby changing the optical properties of the lens. If you aren’t confident enough in using any of the hacks we’ve talked about, there’s still one option open to you before you throw your glasses away – the optician/optometrist. You’ll need to check with the store where you bought your glasses if they can polish your lens for you for free. A lot of warranties do not cover scratches due to wear and tear as well as incorrect storage. Some optical stores do offer free polishing even for those glasses that were not bought from them. In any case, an optician will be able to let you know immediately if your lens is repairable or needs to be replaced.
QUICK FIX: Just dip your glasses in hot water running under the tap and squeeze them dry with a paper napkin or cotton t-shirt. The smudges and scratches disappear for the time being.

Does Dark Chocolate contain caffeine?

Chocolate’s scientific name, Theobroma cacao, comes from Greek, meaning “food of the gods.” And judging by its popularity, it seems chocolate has lived up to its name. On average, Americans consume 12 pounds of chocolate per person per year. Dark chocolate contains a moderate amount of caffeine, with the exact amount based on the percentage of cocoa.

Caffeine and Cocoa Beans
Caffeine is a substance present in the leaves, nuts and fruits of many plants. One of these plants, the cocoa tree, is where chocolate comes from. The caffeine is found in the seeds of the plant, which are called cocoa beans. Cocoa beans grow inside cocoa pods, and each pod contains about 30 to 40 cocoa beans.

Caffeine Content
Chocolate manufacturers sometimes label chocolate with the percentage that comes from the cocoa bean. However, it is impossible to determine the caffeine content based only on the percentage on the label. This is because cocoa butter — which manufacturers use varying amounts of — is usually included as part of this percentage. For a 2-ounce, 70 percent dark chocolate bar with 10 percent cocoa butter, the amount of caffeine is 79 milligrams. As a comparison, an 8-ounce cup of coffee contains 145 milligrams of caffeine. If you consumed all of that dark chocolate bar at one time, you would still be consuming less caffeine than 1 cup of coffee.