Travel Consultant selling Luxury Virtual Offices for fellow adventurers

If you need to clarify some keyterms before you contact me … my suggestion is to look it up from The Urban Dictionary.

Currently I’m writing a book and if you’re a graphic illustrator who is an expert at painting with Adobe Creative Cloud then contact me.

The Ghost Story Book Outline plus narrative and synopsis
Book 1: The Vampire Kingdom (debt collections) puppet-show
Book 2: Lucky’s Poltergeist (probations ovation) mystery
Book 3: Flying Dragons (ex-Cons) first nations
Book 4: Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls (harassment) painting
Book 5: The Mummy’s Dark Oracle (employee misconduct) houdini
Book 6: Trolls for a giant (common misdemeanours) anthesis

The reason people will read my book is to learn about crime. The narrative for each story is different.

To Contact me : state your intent and level of interest : for example : a trained large wild cats veterinary technician looking for settlement packages 📦.