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Hello I am just going to put this out there and see if it’ll catch. I’m Mildred Woodside and this is afrappacino for all your terror news. I’m looking to make money blogging about terror news and statistics from my perspective. I want the viewer to browse the site with a cappuccino in hand and feel safe while getting the information to feel better informed. The following is what’s on the Net now but unfortunately they were inconsistent. I’m looking to keep this up for life. Good night.




Ontario Carnegie Libraries from a Patron Saint

Ontario Carnegie Libraries from a Patron Saint

This article provides information on Andrew Carnegie and the library buildings he donated to Canadian communities in the early 1900’s. The reasons Carnegie invested in public libraries are discussed throughout the world. He was a very rich fellow at 30 years old. When he was near the retirement stage in his life he sold his steel company for over 480 million dollars. He felt that it was his responsibility (along with all the other mega-wealthy people) to donate money to good causes. This movement was called philanthropy. Andrew decided that he wanted to pass on the life’s lesson that education should be free. He ended up donating a fortune to different educational projects and specifically libraries which gave people a free education. In Canada, 125 libraries were donated by Mr. Carnegie: the “Patron Saint of Libraries (Krass 419).