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ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in Barcelona | 6 months ago

Today I am very upset over grocery shopping etiquette. I walked out of my apartment to throw out the garbage a few years ago and there was a yellow No Frills grocery cart sitting outside. Now the guy that lives there has a wife and four kids and is younger than me! He told me to go somewhere dark when I protested. Later on I went to No Frills and complained to them that their grocery carts we’re sitting around the neigbourhood complex. And then when I offered a nickel to properly pay for my plastic bag the clerk waved the fee! What happened to the fight?

Dear viewers:
Today I pledged that I’ll start to say a prayer for the victims and the advocates affected by the terrorism every night and eventually broadcast the whole thing.

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Barcelona terror attack: Van drives into crowd | 5 months ago

The other day my mother told me to shut up in the middle of the entire room. We were sitting in on a 9-1-1 Communicator information session in order to see if this would be a viable career for me in the long run. The entire room went silent and then … like magic … in the elevator a guy from the group said hello to us and everything was better. A quick aside about the help in my building … they steal. They literally set up a method to walk into my home any time and steal what they wanted a la “Pretty Little Liars”. The police wrote a nice report for me in regards to a pair of contact lenses taken from my bathroom.