FATF puts Pakistan in terror financing grey list; FATF nations had proposed anti-Pak action | 1 day ago

Financial action task force (FATF) in its plenary in Paris puts Pakistan in the terror financing grey list just 2 days after Pakistan’s FM Khawaja M Asif said Pakistan has successfully dodged the FATF grey listing bullet.

Recently I’ve realized that this top-secret lifestyle has the whole town in uproar. They want to know what I’m doing and if I’ve been discriminated against and if there’s been abuse. I’ll let you know if anyone dares to slap me in the face or pushes me on to a hospital bed. But there was this one time when a security guard asked me to sit down and shut up while he handcuffed me to a bed. The reason I felt this way was because their was no human rights adviser to witness the arrest. What happened was a series of community attacks on my person validated by the police and when I went into the hospital I was treated like a criminal while it was the opposite just they didn’t know that their perception (female on welfare and interested in men) was incorrect. Today they know that I have over $65,000 potential funding for a PhD and thus my ego was unbridled. Remember my research includes the current opioid crisis and I deal with naturalized Canadian everyday whom have never heard of a university or zoo for that matter. I just went to Walmart to repair my spectacles and she didn’t bat an eye when I said … Doctor, I’m a schizophrenic. She actually looked at me with respect and listened to me complain about the post office! The address on my drivers’ licence was wrong! She must treat people from all walks of life everyday. I believe it was this just one time she decided to smile.


Tech terror takedown: Hackers thwart ISIS plan | 8 hours ago

Today was great, I went to the mall and then to the library. I’m thinking of going to college to do the research for afrappacino.com right? Well, I’ve pretty much written a PhD doctorate in terror safety just from my homeless experience because of schizophrenia and my concurrent recruitment into the police to be their 911 dispatch communicator. Unfortunately I won’t be able to commit to the force ever again. We’ve had one arrest in relation to human trafficking but the problem is bigger than I initially anticipated. I tell you that I was safe for one and only one reason. There was a public library system around for me to hide in and conduct top secret gang research online to submit to the local police department. Today I am alive and well after a three month rehabilitation program at Centenary Hospital. Now I’m going to warn you that my site will be half home made terror summaries and shop chat on the topic, and, half lifestyle of a PhD doctorate for Library Studies to help create workgroups that accommodate the disabled, children and the elderly with technology equipment that will conduct one simple research project per visit in one to three hours and the experience has a terror emergency managed contingency plan if and only if there is a gang or terror attack on others as like what happened to me. My personal experience as a disciple is well documented and I want to make sure this never happens again in any town of our great nation, Canada, the Great White North. Good night and God save us all.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in anthrax terror scare, white powder sent to royal couple! | 12 hours ago

Hello viewers, how are you? Can you believe this video. It could be a gag but I think this YouTuber went the extra mile to get us this information. Now about the video: Frankly I care about the Royals and I think it’s absolutely discriminatory that they get this particular “tried” terror attack. I mean it’s been done, why is this attack seemingly telling the rest of the world that the Royals aren’t deserving of something spectacular. May God have mercy on his soul. Jesus looks strongly at people who aren’t interested in a sense of community or are so desolate that they’ve lost faith in Yahweh and don’t think he or she is able to be included in feasting on this particular morsel. Meghan Markle is covering to my religion, Anglican Christianity, I wish her well and best for the couples’ future. God bless and good night.

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ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in Barcelona | 6 months ago

Today I am very upset over grocery shopping etiquette. I walked out of my apartment to throw out the garbage a few years ago and there was a yellow No Frills grocery cart sitting outside. Now the guy that lives there has a wife and four kids and is younger than me! He told me to go somewhere dark when I protested. Later on I went to No Frills and complained to them that their grocery carts we’re sitting around the neigbourhood complex. And then when I offered a nickel to properly pay for my plastic bag the clerk waved the fee! What happened to the fight?

Dear viewers:
Today I pledged that I’ll start to say a prayer for the victims and the advocates affected by the terrorism every night and eventually broadcast the whole thing.


Paris Attacks: Three Days Of Terror | a few hours ago

Hello and good evening. Today I’m blogging from the mall WiFi on an iPad mini 4 and the experience is excellent. I’m thinking about every good looking guy with a kid and thinking is this statutory rape? I’m just remembering what my old family studies teacher told me about getting knocked up and there’s no way some really young guy is a millionaire. I know it’s not illegal…right? Good night everybody.

Today I pledged that I’ll start to say a prayer for the victims and the advocates affected by the terrorism every night and eventually broadcast the whole thing.


Dagestan church shooting may be terror attack – investigators | a few hours ago

You joining my WordPress website makes me excited in so many ways. It’s Family Day today and I’m making commitments to sitting around and blogging as a job. Things like working nights and being online all day are part of the overall responsibility of terror blogging. I promise you that the posts will get better and in fact I’ll be filming myself for the post later. Keep waiting for the next update on all things terror.

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Florida High School Students Share Terror Of Shooting In Real Time | 3 days ago

Today I’m thankful for my birthday. Generally I don’t think about it but just the other day is like the same as yesterday unless it was my birthday. I think Canada is like that. Today I’m signing up for home internet service from a vendor at the mall. I walk by nearly everyday as it’s on my way to the public library. So the sales clerk nearly throws a fit at me for some clerical reason and I’m expected to treat it like she’s my sister!