Erdem Spring Summer 2017 Collection London Fashion

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H&M Studio | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive-YouTube

H&M Studio | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
H&M Studio | Full Show | Fall/Winter 2016/2017-YouTube

H&M Studio | Full Show | Fall/Winter 2016/2017

The current collection from Hennes & Mauritz is called ERDEM x H&M COLLECTION. I really like this fairiea collection because it is definitive of H&M whom prides itself on being a retail store whom mixes different fashion label brands to dress famous people like David Beckham and Lana Del Ray. The collection and presentation is descriptive of the ambiance we feel as we approach the majesty of it’s holding tabernacle. I tell you there is no feeling like the vision we feel when approaching this Label.

This is a special link to the Hennes and Mauritz Archives collection from H&M Hennes & Mauritz.

Try to remember that the original North American love movement is about comparing your body and it’s movement to the natural elements of the earth. The Allies went to war in defense of the meaning of it’s land and once the mental health was started at home our parents began to dance. It was considered very wrong as the Holy Spirit of Yaweh moves His Holy Body around in His Way. So people would move just to feel closer to God. When drugs were brought in from the Black Market the people were made to feel a meditative effect. This is why when we say “Lest We Forget” it’s really about our respect for the human body. The Washington Needle was the guide for all North Americans even the ones overshores whom had the same body. A lot of sitting down and the hand to mouth movement was very popular similar to the War on Terror of our Generation X which promoted bubble gum.

The best music to “vogue” in Hennes & Mauritz is roots reggae.


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia accessed on 11/4/2017 2:51 p.m.

“King Daniel” is defined as:

Wikipedia Pic 11-King of Galicia and Volhynia (King of Ruthenia-Yurko_Shkvarok_Istoriya_Ukrajiny-Rusy_virshamy-11
King of Galicia and Volhynia (King of Ruthenia

Daniel of Galicia (Ukrainian: Данило Романович (Галицький): Danylo Romanovych (Halytskyi); Russian: Даниил Романович, Даниил Галицкий: Daniil Romanovich (Galitsky); Old Ruthenian: Данило Романовичъ: Danylo Romanovyčъ; Polish: Daniel I Romanowicz Halicki; 1201 – 1264) was a King of Ruthenia, Prince (Knyaz) of Galicia (Halych) (1205–1255), Peremyshl (1211), and Volodymyr (1212–1231). He was crowned by a papal archbishop in Dorohochyn 1253 as the first King of Ruthenia (1253–1264).

Daniel of Galicia is mentioned as King Daniel of Rus’ by Giovanni da Pian del Carpine in his History of Mongols whom we call Tatars (Ystoria Mongalorum quos nos Tartaros appellamus).

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