Sarah Izmeth resume


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Sarah Izmeth, Skip Tracer specializing in white collar crime
◦ basic infantry combat training including jungle warfare
◦ 3 year technical associates degree in WiFi (bit-packet) and fax anti-terror business communications.
◦ 1-2 years full time experience as frontline call centre representative.
◦ 3 years residual volunteer work in the social work sector.
◦ Malvern Family Resource Centre
◦ Total Credit Recovery
◦ Pan American Games
◦ Royal Ontario Museum
◦ Elias Associates Legal Corporation
◦ Toronto Naturopathic Hospital
What kind of skip tracing?
0. Bad professionals
0. Ex-cons
0. War criminals
0. Probations evasion
0. Missing family members
◦ University of Western
◦ Durham College
◦ Saint Martins Anglican Christian Church
0. PC Computer training in keyboarding, logic games, information data entry, transfer of succinct personal details to emergency help and some basic knowledge on mobile radio systems.
◦ APCO Public Safety Telecommunications
◦ Criticall911 data entry & Perfex keyboarding skills
◦ Office Proficiency And Certification (OPAC) office processes efficiency software
◦ Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations city directory database system
◦ Primary Access Regional Information System (PARIS) legal business directory
◦ Canadian Red Cross Association standard

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