Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime


This blog post is about the above United Nations mandate concerning drugs, arms and human trafficking.


The issue can be illustrated as a method whole result. This chapter of my book (in development) is called: “The Most Excellent Collection of Ghost Stories from Durham Region” to be illustrated in Adobe Creative Cloud.




Book 2: Flying Dragons : about mesmerizing strange shapes called delusions or hallucinations : shape-shifting in the shadows and light.




How the tabernacle moved from crib to condo : featuring trains, buses to the gates of time.




The Log Boom : smells like skunks : snakes everywhere Micmac the patterns but are lacking the wind and make gargoyles freeze into stone.




A Book of Ghost Stories from Durham Region : the book is about urban myths and folklore legends : called by title Rise of The Modern Asylums Of Kings and Chronicles Post-Apocalyptic Skip Tracing.




Instruction Manual on how to skip trace as a career in Canadian Intelligence.

Use the early development stages of my career as a benchmark the Ganga bus.


Use the fictional character to describe the telegenic telekinesis telekinetic to describe the nature of Skip Tracing “soft skills”.

Sacrament of Reconciliation: Sex trafficking: Sacrament of Holy Unction: Trade Routes.


Narrative includes point of view embryonic stage of life and the conversations about developing as an adult throughout the life cycle as a benchmark.


Movies that connect to the concept of trade.

1. Ashwariya Rai – Devdas

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