My fight with the crack dealer

…Shoppers near Red Lobster? The story of the night I was alone in my crib with my blue blanket and a tree was tapping on my window to take me away from my parents.
And then a old shriveled face like a vampire who appeared in my father’s body again one night many years later when he asked me if I brushed my teeth.

Then the egg or concept of the female power of conceiving was mutilated by the tall man who stood in the corner of my bedroom and appeared in the body of my fiancé two decades later.

The Significance of the Blanket in Aboriginal Communities

Inspired by legends, stories, events and other aspects of culture and heritage, Aboriginal communities have woven together craftsmanship, artistry, history and generosity in the form of robes and blankets for centuries. As in the past, the blanket and robe continue to have significance to many Aboriginal peoples across the continent. They are used to honour individual life changing events, to offer in gift-giving ceremonies, to serve as a record of a significant event, or to provide protection.

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